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Introduction to Personal Health Freedom

I believe in Personal Health Freedom. What is personal health freedom? I’m not sure. I have many thoughts and ideas. As I research, think, discuss and learn, they keep shifting and changing. What is Personal Health Freedom? Three words. Personal. What is personal? Personal is about people. People taking responsibility for their health, and making […]

Diabetes and Your Small Intestine

In the last post, I introduced you to the remarkable antidiabetic effect of gastric bypass surgery. It rapidly reverses diabetes in 83% of patients, and it seems to be due to bypassing the upper small intestine specifically, rather than caloric restriction. This points to a special role of the upper small intestine in regulating food […]

Your Gut Talks to Your Brain

I’ve been reading through some papers on a gut-brain connection that regulates food intake and blood nutrient balance. I’ve learned some interesting things. First of all, when fat hits your small intestine (especially long-chain fatty acids), it sends a message to the brainstem via the vagus nerve. This rapidly inhibits eating behavior. The hypothalamus can […]

Lessons From the Pima Indians

At 38% and climbing in 2006, the Pima indians (Akimel O’odham) of Arizona have the highest rate of diabetes of any population in the world. They also have staggering rates of obesity (~70%) and hypertension. Things were very different for them before 1539, when the Spanish first made contact. They lived on an agricultural diet […]

US Fructose Consumption Trends

As you may have noticed, I suspect fructose is involved in overweight and other health problems. It seems to have adverse effects on fat deposition in the liver and insulin sensitivity that could be related to its association with weight gain. I looked through USDA estimated per capita consumption of different sweeteners to get an […]

Real Food VII: Lentils

Lentils are a healthy food that comes with a few caveats. They have more protein and less carbohydrate than any other legume besides soybeans and peanuts, and they contain a remarkable array of vitamins and minerals, particularly B vitamins. One cup delivers 90% of your RDA of folate, so between lentils and liver there’s no […]

California “Raw” Almonds

I bought about a pound of almonds yesterday for a backpacking trip I’ll be doing this weekend. I like to soak raw almonds, then lightly toast them. It sweetens them and breaks down some of their anti-nutrients. When I arrived at the grocery store, the only raw almonds they had were from California. I prefer […]